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We are a promotional marketing company with a dynamic and award-winning culture, where opportunities for learning and career growth are limitless. We know that the success of our organization depends on our people which are our number one asset.

Integrity, trust and passion are what differentiate us from our competition. Our culture creates a unique environment that fosters personal and professional growth.  There are countless opportunities for passionate and dynamic people at BrandAlliance. So, put your talent, skills and experience behind our services and we’ll take your career to a new level of success.

Below is a list of our current career opportunities. Use the form below to apply.  You can also submit your resume for future opportunities as they arise. We are always on a look-out for great talent!

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BrandAlliance has the highest percentage of account managers selling over a $1mm/year in the industry and growing! If you are also a sales leader looking for a special team culture and competitive advantages, inquire here.

What our employees are saying about us:

Cheryl Benson photo“It is a fun and innovative company to be with where the employees work hard and play hard and if you enjoy being a leader in your field… this is the place to be.”
Cheryl Benson
Senior Account Manager
27 Years with BrandAlliance Calgary
Elaine Moroskat photo“I have been here for over 20 years. This company is a great place to come every day! BrandAlliance is my “other family”. We work hard and play hard. We have had our own Amazing Race in Banff, golf tournaments, white water rafting, painting, movie afternoons and soon to come: BrandAlliance Fear Factor. Personal development is very important in our culture and setting goals is always encouraged and supported. I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!”
Elaine Moroskat
National Revenue Manager
24 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Gay-Louise Waye photo“I am the senior account executive at the Edmonton location, which mean 3 things: I am the oldest; I handle many of our larger accounts; and have been here almost the longest. I plan to finish my career at this company. We are very unique – small enough to be family; large enough to allow for unlimited personal and professional growth. Peter is continuing the legacy of excellence his parents started 36 years ago.”
Gay-Louise Waye, CAS
Promotional Marketing Consultant
24 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Carla Novikoff photo“I am so fortunate to work: IN such a creative industry (no two days are ever the same); WITH such amazingly brilliant and energetic people; and FOR a company that celebrates the unique strengths of each of us.”
Carla Novikoff, CAS
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant
15 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Julia Amulung photo“There is a unique mentality and culture here that is not seen in many organizations. When someone here tells you that you should do something to help yourself or the client, you know that they are genuinely looking out for everyone’s best interests. What I have heard from people that I associate with outside of BrandAlliance is that this is hard to find. And don’t worry – if it gets too stressful for everyone, you know that a slurpee run is right around the corner!”
Julia Amulung
Media Diva Extraordinaire
14 Years with BrandAlliance Calgary
Sandra Matthews photo“BrandAlliance offers continual opportunities to grow as an employee and as a person, and hones in on each of our strengths to benefit the team. The culture is performance based, caring, accountable, self managing and attempts to put the kibosh on office politics and negative attitudes.”
Sandra Matthews, MAS
Manager of STN (Soup to Nuts)
14 Years with BrandAlliance Calgary
Marie-Josée Bourdon photo“BrandAlliance is a company that is not afraid of challenges to always improve and offer the best possible services to its customers. Working here is a source of inspiration and motivation for employees, because we must always give the best of ourselves. This requires us to continually renew, which is very rewarding for each individual.”
Marie-Josée Bourdon
Account Manager
13 Years with BrandAlliance Montréal
Monica Forss photo“I really believe that a magical atmosphere exists here. From the very foundations set by Peter and Alice, now carried on by Pete; it seems that at the centre of our success as a company has always been the PEOPLE! Fantastic people work here…the common thread that weaves us together is our love for what we do. The culture is difficult to put into words…but it’s on the faces of all who work here…it’s our smiles! And the knowledge that you are a valued member of a team – one great big happy family!”
Monica Forss, BPE, CAS
Promotional Marketing Consultant
13 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Nelson Ng Photo“As a company we live and learn together.”
Nelson Ng
CEO (Customer Exhilaration Officer)
12 Years with BrandAlliance Calgary
katie casarin photo“I am very lucky to be employed by this organization. I am lucky because every day is a new exciting adventure. I am lucky because I work with amazing people. Most of all I am lucky for the experience and knowledge I have gained from working here.”
Katie Casarin
Client Care Team Member
11 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario
thomasCleroux for testimonials“Working here means for me stressful days but that go fast; it means working in a young and dynamic atmosphere with days that are always different, and filled with challenges. Everyone here gives a little something that makes us love working for BrandAlliance. And this is what I like about it: my daily work and the people I’m working with.”
Thomas Cleroux
Account Manager
11 Years with BrandAlliance Montréal
heather strecheniuk photo “In the “Ever Competitive” market of promotional products, BrandAlliance is second to none. The employees are passionate about the company, and about the care that is shown toward their customers. The list of long term clients is a reflection of this commitment and dedication. It is a pleasure to work with such a remarkable team!”
Heather Strecheniuk
Client Relations
10 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario
Marilyn Lewis photo“Teamwork is not just talked about, it is part of everything everyone does. BrandAlliance is where you want to work if you want to be a part of a dynamic, well respected company in a fascinating industry.”

Marilyn Lewis
Account Manager
10 Years with BrandAlliance Calgary

Jacky McRae photo“I feel proud to work for such a forward thinking, creative company. Our focus is to provide unique branding solutions for our clients. The team atmosphere, the great people who work here and our impressive showroom make it easy to deliver this level of service to our clients. There is a lot of energy here and it is a very fun and exciting place to come to work everyday!”
Jacky McRae
Senior Promotional Marketing Consultant
10 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Steve Raper photo“What I find most impressive about BrandAlliance is the high calibre of people that work here. No matter what a person’s role is within the company, they care about their job and want it done properly. If it means working extra hours, coming in on a person’s day off or showing extra hustle to ensure that a client’s expectations are met and exceeded, everyone here is happy to pitch in. I’m proud to say that I am a part of this team.”
Steve Raper
Account Manager
10 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario
  Kimberly Carpenter photo“I have been with this company for almost 8 years now and it has been great. We are a family here and I come to work everyday with a smile.”
Kimberly Carpenter
Program Administrator
9 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
 Karine Hachey-Fortin photo“Working for this organization gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”
Karine Hachey-Fortin
Program Administrator
9 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario
Rob Mandryk photo“I have worked here for almost 8 years now. It has been a great work environment that encourages creative thinking and self development. Idea generation, self-determination and hard work are principles at BrandAlliance that are placed in a high regard and spark creativity and motivation. It has been a positive experience to be a part of this team in these past years. It has challenged me to get involved in many different areas of the business and I am continuing to learn all facets of this industry.”
Rob Mandryk
Program Director
9 Years with BrandAlliance Edmonton
Catherine Taylor photo“Having spent 15 years in the Promotional Products Industry, I can safely say, this is the most professionally run organization I have worked for. It is run in a family environment with a business infrastructure.”
Catherine Taylor
Account Manager
9 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario
Jenny Qian photo“Working here has been a breath of fresh air. The BrandAlliance family has made my work experiences and challenges an enjoyable part of my daily life. Thank you very much everyone for your warm congrats and encouragement. It has been a long journey and I appreciate your continuous support. I wouldn’t be able to achieve my CGA without the opportunity to work here. I have learned so much and enjoyed working with such a great company and team.”
Jenny Qian
5 Years with BrandAlliance Ontario