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Build Brand Awareness


To build the brand presence of Armour Equipment, a scaffolding company through retail-inspired apparel products, which employees could wear on the job site but were also suitable for client/key stakeholder gifts.

Strategy and Execution
We chose four different apparel pieces – a short sleeve t-shirt, a long sleeve t-shirt, a hoody and a buff. The items were intended to be worn in a variety of weather and working conditions, so we chose pieces that could be layered with each other.

We kept the client’s goal of increasing brand presence a central concept when designing the artwork for each item. As a result, the logo was included not only on the chest of the long sleeve t-shirt and hoody but also down the arm, allowing it to be visible even if paired with a safety vest or other layering item.

As a result, not only are 100% of the employees wearing the garments daily at work, over 90% are wearing them in their personal lives. Many employees are asking for additional garments and, in number of cases, they have offered to personally pay for them. Clients and key stakeholders have provided a lot of positive feedback as well.