Case Studies.

Our directory of notable solutions from projects past.

Creative Room-Drops for High-End Event

To provide Nationwide with creative, timely, and on-theme promotional support for their annual sales recognition events.

Strategy and Execution
Nationwide goes all out to recognize their sales teams with multiple high-end events each year. For us, these events mean conceptualizing everything from large theme-based comprehensive gift sets and amenities to one-of-a-kind experiences. For their recent event in Montreal, we created a snack basket filled with locally sourced treats perfect for the Nationwide’s grab-and-go-explore type of event. The treats were arranged to be delivered in a refrigerated truck (it was summer), and they were brought to each individual room. In an effort to cut down on waste, they were presented in eco-friendly packaging.

In addition to the basket, we also created a welcome bag for the sales members that included a Thule bookbag containing a water bottle, sunscreen, a selfie stick, and antibacterial spray, all of which were sourced in Canada. It went along with the theme of urban exploration. As a final surprise, each sales member received an Amazon Echo decorated with the Nationwide logo, which was also delivered to their room.

Nationwide’s people were extremely impressed with our effort. We were able to coordinate and execute on the delivery of all items, and the recipients repeatedly commented on the creativity, branding, and usefulness of our products, and the professionalism of our presentation.