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Data Management Done Right

World Vision USA, a Christian humanitarian organization, strives to make a difference in the lives of children all over the world. It created the Global 6K for Water program to raise awareness: 6 kilometers is the average distance people travel to collect water in developing nations. And to raise money for clean water initiatives: Even when they reach the water, it’s often contaminated with life-threatening diseases.

As part of an ongoing partnership with Team World Vision, the organization asked us to help create a life-changing experience for Global 6K for Water runners from the day they sign up to the day of the race, supporting and rewarding their fundraising efforts and inspiring them to continue their endorsement after the race is completed.


Strategy & Execution
Each spring, the Global 6K for Water holds a virtual event in which participants walk or run 6 kilometers from a location of their choice. Participants are encouraged to get a group of people to run together, or become Host Site Leaders and host a race in their local community through churches, schools, businesses or personal connections.

Individual participants register online and are assigned a bib with a number and a picture of a child that they have the opportunity to sponsor at the end of the race through a monthly donation. If a group wants to sponsor children from a particular country, they can choose to do so during this initial registration process. Participants are then mailed a Global 6K race day kit including a T-shirt of their size, a brochure, a medal, and their personalized bib. When race day kits are shipped, the participant is sent an email confirmation with a tracking number along with an introduction about the child that they can sponsor. Host Site Leaders are mailed a launch kit with marketing materials and race day items to assist them in promoting their site and organizing a 6K run.

Our database management and variable printing expertise also comes in handy for fundraising: Participants receive a personalized incentive gift for each milestone they achieve—starting with a bracelet and topping off with a custom jacket and jersey.. Participants can go online and access Global 6K merchandise from the company store to use on race day or give to their teams if they are Host Site Leaders.


In 2017, the Global 6K for Water registered 28,000 participants. That’s 28,000 T-shirts and custom bibs, and more than double that number in personalized incentives—automated, on time, seamless service. This year, the organization expects to register over 45,000 people.

Team World Vision’s programs are now fully integrated and vendors consolidated, resulting in impeccable data tracking and management, apparel and incentive fulfillment with variable print materials and email marketing campaign execution.