Case Studies.

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Made in Metal

With the uniform and structured environment of the United States Military, challenge coins are unique and valued pieces that are used to celebrate and commend acts of great service and valor from the soldiers. Every commander is given the opportunity to create a coin unique to their unit and their personality. Cherished as tokens of achievement, these coins are collected throughout a soldier’s years of service and are often passed down through generations with pride. They have a significant purpose and it is imperative that the detail and execution of these coins mirror the recognition and respect the recipients deserve.


Strategy & Execution
The process begins with a general idea from the customer followed by many constructive and creative conversations to make sure that idea translates well in the metal medium of choice. The client can choose to add 3-dimensional details, unique colors or variable personalization, all to make the coin more unique to their unit. The conversation is always fluid as the process continues to make sure the design is complimented by the production process and the idea stands true.

Once the details and components have been decided on, the project is passed on to graphic artists who bring the design to the proofing stage. The proof allows the client to see how the metal, enamel colors and other details will work together in the finished design. Approved by the client, the art is passed on to the factory for molding and production.


With the 2,400th coin order approaching, this has been found to be a proven process. Repeat or replenishment orders make up one third of that number, which shows the immense satisfaction of the clients with their coins. These coins stand as a reminder of a good memory in the high-stress day to day life of a soldier, something that should always be valued. They have ended up in display cases, in the wallet’s of the brave, as a daily reminder, and even on the jumbotron for an NFL game coin flip. Only made more effective by attention to detail and high-quality production, these coins are a timeless representation of excellence and recognition.