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One Company Store, Multiple Countries

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To create a DENSO company store that supports employees in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, all through the same site. The target audience was almost 15,000 employees throughout North America, a high concentration of which (roughly 6,000) work out of DENSO’s major distribution hub in Mexico.

Strategy and Execution
The goal was to create a site that offered DENSO merchandise and apparel to all North American employees. The merchandise would be sourced within the country where the order originated, which allows for quicker distribution of goods in the country’s currency, along with the elimination of costly border duties and fees. Because we would be working with different partners in Mexico to merchandise the store, we wanted to go to great lengths to offer the same quality, selection, and pricing that were available to DENSO employees in the U.S. and Canada.

The site has been a huge initial success. We seamlessly integrated three separate stores into one site, allowing employees to choose their country, view their specific offerings, and purchase merchandise in their native currency. As part of our goal to offer country-specific sourcing, we partnered with a respected Mexican distributorship to ensure that we’re offering DENSO’s largest concentration of employees the superior service we provide to their U.S. and Canadian counterparts every day.