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Airline Promotion


To promote five new flights between Paris and Vancouver.

Strategy and Execution
The target audience consisted of travel agents in the Vancouver area. Air France wanted to offer them something both useful and fun that would also help ensure the sustainability of the brand. A mousepad was created with the official image of the launch of the airline with a Parisian setting and moveable planes travelling the skies in all directions.

Mousepads were given away during the Destination France Road Show, a perfect opportunity to meet with travel professionals and held in four cities, including Vancouver. The mousepads were also distributed to partner agencies and personally handed out to travel agents by an Air France account manager.

The feedback was unanimous: the visual element was both original and beautiful, and it was surprising and fun to see the planes move on the mousepad. The mousepad was very well-received with 50% of recipients reporting continuous usage of the item. The mousepad will help ensure the sustainability of the product and of the brand as it rests on the desks of the targeted individuals.