Rewards and Recognition.

How’s your team’s morale? “High!” you brag. “Eh, not bad,” you say. “Low,” you sheepishly whisper. // Well we have effective programs for everyone. Even you, suspiciously overachieving team. 


Small acts of recognition multiplied by many enhances cultures and drives business results. Our brand and recognition experts use the CSI STARS digital platform to make recognition easy and fun.

Service Awards PLUS

Service awards aren't just for 5 year career milestones anymore. Encourage a culture of everyday recognition by adding social recognition tools - that speak to your Millennial talen.
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Social Recognition = Results

Boost engagement scores, improve morale and drive higher productivity by using tools that make it easy to say thanks ... more often!
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Welcome Aboard

First impressions matter! A good onboarding program improves retention, cultivates relationships and simply makes you and your organization look good. Help managers welcome your next new hire.
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