Case Studies.

Our directory of notable solutions from projects past.

A Sustainable First Impression

Moving into the future, it has become so important for organizations to align their values and processes to benefit the greater good of the planet and the people. Timberland, with a tagline of “Nature Needs Heroes,” is a strong believer in this, which is why they approached BrandAlliance with a need for sustainable products to promote their mission. Inherently a strong brand, Timberland did not want to compromise on style, functionality or creativity in this push, and hoped to find a solution that would check all their boxes while minimizing their ecological footprint.


Strategy & Execution
BrandAlliance was able to use this opportunity to take advantage of the variety of resources that are becoming available in this industry to promote healthier planet.

The sourcing team hit the ground running to showcase over 80 creative solutions that fit Timberland’s physical product needs while highlighting unique features that benefit nature and the environment. These ideas included things such as biodegradable writing utensils, vegan leather products, reusable lifestyle products and more! Most of these solutions also featured the ability to showcase full color graphics and allow their brand imagery shine.

The final collection included these six products: an eco-friendly journal of recycled paper, FSC wood veneer stickers, a reusable tote and a reusable water tumbler with a stainless steel straw kit. All items were kitted and fulfilled in our BrandAlliance warehouse and shipped domestically and internationally to Timberland facilities.


The kits were well-received all around the world! The full color graphics and natural textures of the products came together as a striking and sustainable on-boarding kit for new Timberland employees. With a great understanding of the sustainability initiative moving forward, this kit allowed BrandAlliance to open up new opportunities for the future.

This global push to help the environment is a movement that is only growing stronger. Not only is BrandAlliance well-versed in developing creative solutions for such projects, we are transforming ourselves right alongside our clients